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Arts Integration

Crossing Disciplines & Inspiring Ideas

We offer an enlightening and holistic approach to learning that bridges disciplines and allows our students to see the big picture. This enables them to confront and overcome the complexities of their individual worlds. 


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Biology and Photography students drew inspiration from patterns in nature — from spirals to waves to tessellations and more — and the ephemeral Earthworks produced by artist Andy Goldsworthy. This project forced students to interact with nature in new ways and allowed them to see the beauty and intricacy of the world around them through an artistic and scientific lens. 

I really enjoyed this project because I enjoy art and don’t spend much time outside and digging deep into nature. So being able to mix art and nature was really fun for me.

— Mia D., Class of 2026


Poetry Festival

Among the workshops offered during the annual Paul K. Bergan Poetry Festivals, students can explore their love of writing, art, and nature. Workshops have included:

Into the Garden with Emily Dickinson
Students discovered a poet's love of plants and created their own tribute to the natural world using the cyanotype process.

Ekphrasis: Exploring Art through Poetry
Students put poetry in conversation with art by writing in response to their
favorite paintings, photographs, and other media to add their own voice to
the piece.


Science Photography Contest

The entire Foxcroft community enthusiastically participates in our annual Science Photography Contest, submitting stunning imagery of views from their microscopes and a variety of animal species, as well as experiments with light and motion. Each year, seven main categories accepted image submissions from students and faculty alike. There is also a fun bonus category that ties into the theme for the school year.

Everyone is invited to participate in this cross-disciplinary Science Photography Contest, with community-wide voting taking place during Arts Week each April.

Photograph by Shea G. ’25, winner of the "Landscapes & Waterscapes" category of the 2024 Science Photography Contest


Explore More Interdisciplinary Work in our STEAM Program


The integration of the Arts with our science curriculum yields a STEAM program that's leading the way for girls.

Community Engagement

We foster meaningful connections not only across academic disciplines but also with outside organizations, heightening our students’ understanding of, appreciation for, and dedication to the environment, the arts, and to the greater community. 

By developing a strong sense of place right here in the Blue Ridge Valley, our students feel responsible for their impact and empowered to foster positive change. Students gain real-world performance and exhibition experience through a variety of performing and fine arts events throughout the year. These opportunities to share their talents not only benefit students, but the entire community as well!